About us

“Democracy Monitor” Public Union (DeMo)  is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which is doing monitoring, advocacy, legal aid, humanitarian research and educational work on civil and political rights, non-discrimination and equality law, women empowerment as well as promotion of democratic institutions and confidence-building in the communities and among the societies involved in conflicts in the South Caucasus. The Monitor was established as a national NGO in June 2002, but got state registration only on 31.01.2007. It is member of CIVICUS-World Alliance for Citizen Participation, Coalition for Rebuilding of Trust formed by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and six CSOs in the South Caucasus. The Monitor is also a member of the National Platform of NGOs of the Eastern Partnership program of the European Union.

The Monitor has implemented several human rights education projects nationwide and in the regions. It has also been carrying out a human rights advocacy work at the national and the international level in cooperation with CIVICUS, Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, IPHR, Equal Rights Trust etc.

The Monitor has recently carried out a program supported by the European Commission and the Norwegian MFA which includes a huge human rights education component on the topics of human rights monitoring, reporting and advocacy, transitional justice, reconciliation in the South Caucasus.

It has also jointly with the Equal Rights Trust carried out the program called “Empowering civil society to challenge discrimination and promote equality in Azerbaijan”.

Democracy Monitor is currently carrying out the activities under the project called “Enabling civil society to play a greater role in advancing socio-economic rights of vulnerable populations” supported by the European Union and implemented UNDP Baku Office.