Civic Solidarity- “European values bought and sold”

This report has been produced by the Freedom Files Analytical Centre with support of members of the Working Group on reform of international organisations of the Civic Solidarity Platform. The authors of this report are international experts in human rights, international organisations, and international politics with many years of experience in research, coalition building, and advocacy. For reasons of security, their names are not made public.

Research for this report has involved studying more than 1,000 documents and publications and conducting over 40 semi-structured interviews in France, Belgium, Germany, the Ne therlands, Austria, Poland, Georgia, Russia, and other countries throughout 2015-2016. Editing of the report was concluded in the beginning of March 2017. Authors’ interlocutors have included current and former members of PACE, staff of the delegations to PACE, members of the European Parliament and advisers
to political groups and committees in the European Parliament, delegations to OSCE, members of OSCE PA, diplomats from ministries of foreign affairs of several European countries, members and staff of German Bundestag and national parliaments of several other European countries from across party spectrum, journalists, researchers and NGO experts from across Europe, former Azerbaijani officials, and, last but not least, courageous experts and activists from Azerbaijan. Authors thank cordially all of
them for their openness and their dedication to human rights, rule of law, and integrity. Without their support, this report could not have been written. Many of them prefer to remain unnamed and authors are reserving the names of all of their interlocutors in this research for security reasons.

Information included in this report is cited to the studied publications (more than 300 publications are referred to) or the authors’ interviews. Whenever possible, information obtained in the course of interviews was checked and verified from two or three independent sources. In some cases, when such verification was not possible but the information was deemed particularly important by the authors, it is indicated in the report as obtained from one source and requiring further verification.

The content of this report and its conclusions and recommendations remain the sole responsibility of the authors. Research into and documentation of international illegitimate lobbying and corrupting practices by representatives of Azerbaijan and other countries will be continued. For inquiries and sharing relevant information with the authors of the report, please contact Yuri Dzhibladze, at

Lobbying Corruption Report_10_march_2017_public_version_Civic Solidarity İnitiative