OGP REPORT Azerbaijan_Final Report Concerns Filed

On March 2 2015, CIVICUS, Publish What You Pay, and Article 19 sent a letter of concern to the OGP Steering Committee regarding the threats faced by civil society in Azerbaijan and the way they affect its ability to engage effectively in the OGP process (see Annex 4). The letter claims that Azerbaijan’s government is putting pressure on NGOs, and their leaders, through different means. It raises concerns about five issues: government control over registration and operations of NGOs; government control over NGO finances; harassment of civil society; initiation of criminal and tax cases; and consultation

The letter asks OGP to “take action in relation to Azerbaijan under the Policy on Upholding the Values and Principles of OGP, as articulated in the Open Government Declaration (OGP response policy).” It refers in particular to two aims included in the OGP response policy: “to help re-establish an environment for government and civil society collaboration” and to “safeguard the Open Government Declaration and mitigate reputational risks to OGP.”

OGP REPORT Azerbaijan Final Report Concerns Filed