Study Tour for Active Women to Business Enterprises

On April 4-5, a business excursion was held to familiarize with the activities of private companies located in Baku with participation of public and economically active women. The excursion was organized through the Azerbaijan Women Entrepreneurship Development Association. Parvana Garayeva, Saki Bakayeva’s (the head of the Association) personal assistant, organized and accompanied the trip tour participants to every 3 businesses. More than 10 women participated in the excursion. The first excursion was held at Baku Textile Factory LLC. Parvana Garayeva, the representative of the factory and the personal assistant of the head of the Azerbaijan Women Entrepreneurship Development Association Saki Babayeva, familiarized the participants with the work of the factory. According to her, the factory produces clothes for men and women, including children. In addition to paying domestic demand, the representative said that the main focus was on exports and that the products were sent to Russia, Ukraine and Latvia. According to her, there are about 150 employees in the factory, most of whom are üomen. The main raw materials are imported from Turkey. The representative then acquainted the participants with all stages of the production process at the factory and demonstrated their production.

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